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About Joy Agency for Kids



The Joy Agency for Kids is founded on the premise that early intervention services are the key to maximizing the inherent potential of each child. By providing high quality early intervention services to the child and support to the family ensures that the child’s development will be improved. 

Our Agency seeks to enhance the special challenges faced by impacted children in order to provide them with the greatest opportunity to develop their potential.  Recognizing that the greatest gains at this age must be reinforced by the family, our Agency will ensure that families participate fully in early intervention services.

JOY AGENCY (Joy for Kids), LLC. 

was founded in August, 2014 by a group of experienced professionals who believe that they can make a difference in quality and effectiveness of Early Intervention Services for special needs children in New York City.

Joy Agency provides the following services:

* Service Coordination

* Evaluations (Core & Supplemental)

* Home & Community Based Individual/Collateral Visits

* ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Services

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